We are a leading provider of equipment and services to remotely monitor highway crossings and other wayside systems. Our latest recorder/monitor, the Event Analyzer, can be used as a standalone recorder or integrated with other devices such as gate tip sensors, and Light Out Detectors to provide Crossing Performance Monitoring capability.Ā Using the power and flexibility of OnSite, railroads can remote monitor their equipment in the field and be alerted when maintenance is required.

Hot Bearing Detector Systems

  • PowerView HBWD Detector
  • Micro HBD & HWD Detector
  • Advanced Concept Scanner II
  • Micro Talker
  • Ballast Mounted Hot Wheel Scanner
  • MicroScanerIR Hot Wheel


Tag Reader

  • Tag Reader Add-On 1 TRK
  • Tag Reader Add-On 2 TRK
  • AEI System T94 Compliant Co-Located or Stand Alone

Dragging Equipment Detector

  • Self Restoring Paddle Dragger
  • In Tie DED
  • DED Calibration Kit

High Wide Load Detector

  • Single Track, Double Track, Triple Track High Wide Load Detection


  • PowerView Event Recorder
  • Crash Hardened Memory Module
  • On Board Hot Bearing Detector

Data Acquisition

  • cRTU 3G CDMA
  • cRTU Modem Upgrade
  • Curent Sense Monitor Intelligent (CSMi)
  • Event Analyzer
  • OnSite



Crossing Protection

  • MIRA