EconoLife Power Assembly

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Product Overview


EconoLife Power Assemblies for EMD Model 645E and 645E3 Engines


With a focus on power, performance, and innovation, Electro-Motive Diesel has been the premier provider of diesel-electric locomotive technology for 90 years. EMD locomotives now comprise the majority of the active worldwide fleet, leading the company to actively develop a variety of unique OEM replacement parts. An example of EMD’s ongoing product support are the new EconoLife™ Power Assemblies.

This economical power assembly solution is intended for older locomotives, used in switch duty service, that are equipped with EMD 645E roots-blown or 645E3 turbocharged engines. In such light duty applications, where maintenance costs are often the primary concern, EconoLife power assemblies are an ideal option versus standard and premium components.

EconoLife power assemblies are offered in standard fork, blade, and partial pack configurations.


  Type Engine Compression Carrier Pin
40118490 Fork 645E 16:01 Straight
40118491 Blade 645E 16:01 Straight
40173918 Partial 645E 16:01 Straight
40190977 Fork 645E 14.5:1 Rocking
40190978 Blade 645E 14.5:1 Rocking
40190979 Partial 645E 14.5:1 Rocking
40190974 Fork 6.45E+05 14.5:1 Straight
40190975 Blade 6.45E+05 14.5:1 Straight
40190976 Partial 6.45E+05 14.5:1 Straight



EconoLife power assemblies are not emissions certified and can ONLY be used on engines not currently labeled as EPA Tier 0 or Tier 0+ compliant. Many locomotives equipped with EMD 645E or 645E3 engines are exempt from those emissions requirements as a result of the locomotive age or other EPA criteria.

EconoLife 645E power assemblies with a 14.5:1 compression ratio and rocking pin configuration may be used as an alternative to 645E3 power assemblies with a 14.5:1 compression ratio and straight pin configuration

EconoLife power assemblies are primarily intended for running repair of individual failures. In certain cases, multiple power assemblies may be replaced on non-exempt engines.